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The Owner

Hotel Annpurna Regency - Since 1991

Mr. Omprakash Sharma who is also a Mahant of a 400 year old Devipura Balaji Temple, is the founder of 'Hotel Annpurna'. His vision was to serve the devotees visiting Sikar, from all over India. He started his first project, ‘Hotel Annpurna ’ to offer a comfortable stay for the devotees. Mahant ji, even crafted the name’ Annpurna’ keeping the essence of the religious City-Sikar.

His passion to serve the guests, made him develop his second project Hotel Annpurna Regency, which is a boutique property with all modern facilities. In this project he was joined by his son Mr. Amit Sharma who is a budding entrepreneur. The ‘Hotel Blue heaven’ is his first successful project as a hotelier in Jaipur. It is a 24 room boutique at Banipark running since 2009.

‘Hotel Annpurna Regency’ was inaugurated last year (in 2021) to add a dash of luxury for its guests at Sikar.

As a visionary Mr.Omprakash ji, was always aware about the problem of the students, who had to go to far south for learning nursing. So he also founded the first Nursing college in Rajasthan and now the college has more than 500 students in this college.